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About the Interiors Series

When I was a kid, I heard that a lady’s ghost could be seen descending the winding staircase of a certain Victorian house in my hometown. Being young enough to believe in spirits and curious enough to really want to see one, I spent the night at the foot of those stairs, silently waiting and watching. I dared not make a sound for fear of scaring it away and missing the chance to see something from a plane beyond the understanding of science. Of course, I never saw that ghost, but I remember the thrill of anticipation and the way the possibility of the unseen presence somewhere up there filled the room’s atmosphere with mystery and menace. 

This series of acrylic paintings suggest the atmosphere of mystery and anticipation in the moment before or after some dramatic but unspecified event. The figures are still and silent, enveloped in that charged atmosphere. Every door, hallway, or staircase suggests a passage to another, unseen space which holds some presence, some mystery, some menace. Just as the figures stand in stillness and silence, the viewer of these paintings enter a contemplative, inwardly focused state. 

Where to See Them

Visual Art Studio in Richmond, Virginia has several of my paintings in stock. Visit their website here.

How to Purchase Them

You can buy prints here or originals at Visual Art Studio.