About the Insect Paintings


I’ve never outgrown my fascination with turning over rocks and rotten logs to see what is living underneath them. There are entire cities of insects, salamanders, and slugs spending their entire lives down there, completely ignored by just about everyone. In these paintings, I want to depict those overlooked creatures in a way that makes the viewer see them anew. I intend to render them with sympathy so that their beauty could become evident because, although we are taught to think little critters that creep or slither under trash and compost should be considered unpleasant or disgusting, I propose that extended and sympathetic observation will reveal that the delicate textures and colors of even the humble roach is every bit as exquisite as the roses and irises whose aesthetic value we are expected to appreciate. Maybe the viewer can once again see these insects with the same wonder as they did as children turning over a rotten log.

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